Birthday Cakes With Year

Like 30th Birthday written on the cake with name.

Click on Edit to Change Text

Pink Sprinkle with Year for Your Name

Pink Sprinkle with Year

Pink cake with year age on the top, you can change the number

Vanilla Cake with Year for Your Name

Vanilla Cake with Year

Bordered greeting card showing white cake with name on the side

Pink Sprinkle with Year for Your Name

Pink Sprinkle with Year

You can enter your custom year on the top of the cake

You may need to mention years or age on the cake, these are the cakes with candles on the top of cake showing age.

Enter Your Number

You can easily set the age (years) on the cake, so no need to find cake image for particular age or years. Just click on edit button and on the next page you will see and option to add Years and name you want to write on the cake. You can also write text in the Years box to get candle alphabets on the cake.

Famous years on the cakes are as following

  • 1st birthday cake
  • 2nd birthday cake
  • 18th birthday cake
  • 30th birthday cake
  • 40 birthday cake
  • 60 birthday cake

Use as Happy New Year cake

You can use all these cakes as a happy new years cake image generator too. Just enter the year and Happy New Year in the greeting to generate your new year greeting cake.

Find Name on the other Cakes