About Cakeiy.com

Hey, I as a founder, developer and maintainer of cakeiy.com thanking you for just reading this about us page. As you are reading this page means you liked the site or you have some query. For any query just fill the  contact form. We love to read your feedback, you can also share the cake image you want me to put on site for people to customize and download.

Aim of Cakeiy.com

The purpose of cakeiy was to create a unique platform which has collections of digital greeting images with cakes. Also capabilities customizing and personalizing the cakes with varieties of fonts and text to make each greeting unique.
It is easy for you to make any greeting image if you know any image editing software or online tools. I thought many people don't know how to edit image effectively and generate personalize greeting so i created this so every one can have access to share their feeling and love to their loved ones. Here is the list of all the  cakes we have available at our site to customize and make personalize greeting image.

How can to contribute?

Glad to know you are interested in supporting this site, it is build on modern web development framework to make it fast and keep it live to handel hundreds of traffic. It cost to me but you can still contribute by just sharing this tool with your friends and family. This way this tool gives me motivation to make this site content rich.